How you can increase your email's marketing messages open rate

Some things you should take in to consideration

Important tips to boost-your-strategy

Email marketing is a well-known way to approach and inform a business's contacts about new launches. Almost all kind of businesses know the power of email marketing, and they never forget to include it into their marketing strategy planning. You can detect your influence over your contacts through the open rates or your email marketing messages. Certainly, you can not make conclusions only by the open rates and leaving on side conversions (sales).

Despite the fact of the great resonance it is often observed low open rates. This fact lead to inability by the part of the business to transmit the required information. This is due to perfunctorily email marketing management.

Let's see the which main topics you should conform in order to achieve a better open rate.:

Content is the King

Email Marketing Strategy Tip1: Content is the King

The most important part concerning email marketing is content. A well written content without errors is capable to inform a customer with sufficient information and images. In most of the cases, it is noticed that email marketing can bring sales without the business itself putting a huge effort. The diligence of the content and so the correct collection of images can undoubtedly lead to credibility towards your brand.

«Everything in moderation»

Email Marketing Strategy Tip2: Everything in moderation

One thing is crucial when talking about marketing, you should know really well which your potential customers are and try to get into their shoes. Fulling up their email account with numerous newsletters per week, it is more likely to tucker your audience. Surely, you are enthusiast and you try to create occasions for more communications with them but actually you are doing it in the wrong way. Try to feel them, it is really annoying for them. The best recommended rate is approximately 2 to 3 email marketing messages per week.

Do not spam them with unnecessary information

Email Marketing Strategy Tip3: Do not spam them with unnecessary information

As mentioned above, it is important not to surpass the number of email marketing communications. You should avoid communicating with them without having anything new to show. Create accurate communications and try not to spam them with unnecessary information. Otherwise, you will leave them with a negative impression and a tense to molest them. This confrontation can damage once and for all a business's fame and reliability.

Manage your contacts efficiently

Email Marketing Strategy Tip4: Manage your contacts efficiently

Businesses who use email marketing messages usually have big customers' data bases. Almost every time, these data bases are huge and not manageable. On the web you can find a marketing platform for creating marketing communications where you can segment your contacts into groups so you will know in real time which contact received your email and which not. For more informations concerning segmentation in Tellody you can real this blog article: Segmenting is life.

Segmentation makes it easier to a marketer as he or she can retarget better its audience. In this way, you can try to reach again your audience and retarget it, avoiding displeasing a contact who receives the same content second time in a row.

Do not let it go

Email Marketing Tip5: Do not let it go

You sent an email marketing and you saw that a part of you contacts did not open your email? Do not let it disappoint you! You can reuse the same email message changing only the topic of the message and the title. Subsequently, you can retarget the contacts that did not open it. The second time it will be another part of them that will read the email. The aggregation of these two exertions will give us a better open rate.

When we talk about marketing, we can never be sure about the methods and our tactical if these will work in our case. The main reason why this happens is we can never know exactly how to act as the human factor is unpredictable. The best thing you can do is follow the pre mentioned steps and try plenty methods until you find the one that fits better to your business.

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