How would you start your fashion brand marketing?

First of all, let’s see what fashion marketing is

Marketing! How would you start your fashion brand marketing?

Fashion marketing is a very broad concept that holds branding, traditional marketing, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence and design. Fashion is a field which is evolving rapidly and is facing a really tough competition. Customers’ demands about more trends and engagement are intense and brands have to deal with the excessive need for more innovative fashion products.

It is really important before marketing your brand, to define its personality. What it is and what it isn’t. Brands should be clear about what place they want to gain in the market. Precise pricing, defined customer target group and certain lifestyle and preferences are some elements that should not miss by any fashion brand marketing strategy.

In a crowded online fashion market, it can be difficult to distinguish your brand from the pack so you have to be really focused and notice the mentioned steps below that you should follow:

1. Marketing Strategy: Define your Brand Story

Marketing Strategy: Define your Brand Story

As we mentioned above, setting a clear plan of what your identity is of major importance. Your brand should be loyal to what it professes. Choose a target group you aim and focus on how you can fulfil their necessities and be their first choice.

2. Marketing Strategy: Set a website

Marketing Strategy: Set a website

Fashion shoppers expect to be seduced by the beauty of your website and collection and this is the greatest chance to show what your fashion brand represents. Design, user-friendly interfaces, content and images is all you should care about. By providing a useful and complete website to your customers can bring better brand reputation and more conversions.

3. Marketing Strategy: Mobile presence

Marketing Strategy: Mobile presence

According to surveys, shoppers tend to use more their mobile phones or tablets rather than desktops when it comes to order online and buy. This fact leads to necessity of having a mobile presence. This is really important as shoppers used to make their market research while they return home with means of transport or relax on their home. Not restricting them is great.

4. Marketing Strategy: Active on social media

Active on social media

Joining the social media world is a must, especially when we talk about fashion. Probably the majority of your customers get informed about your new collection from social media. Not only you can reach your potential customers and build relationships but you can also connect your e-shop with them as some social media platforms like Facebook and Ιnstagram offers you the ability to buy something directly.

In addition, social media will give to your fashion brand another power which is called Influencers. People with hundreds of followers and influence towards them are the new way of promotion. Influencer marketing can bring high conversion and augment the lists of your existing customers.

5. Marketing Strategy: Visual content above all

Visual content above all

Bad visuals can ruin a fashion’s brand strategy. Nowadays visual content is the king and can transmit the 90% of the information required. There are two different types of visual content in e-commerce, photos and videos. The success of visuals includes some important factors such as high quality images and right lighting. Furthermore, another factor that should be noticed is aesthetic. Does it attract the target group you want and how efficiently it brings sales.

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