Go the extra mile in customer service and exceed customer's expectations, following the next 8 tips to increase customer visits.

1. You have the data, you have it all!

Find out what your customers are buying through their purchase history and make offers, suggestions and sales to cover not only what they need, but EXACTLY what they want. Placing experts in your shop who are passionate and prepared is a proper way to reach and engage your shoppers.

2. Present high-quality service.

Ensure that the buyer is engaged with you. Listen to their needs and get to know them as effectively as possible. Shoppers will remember this for sure.

3. When a problem shows up, solve it.

When a problem shows up, solve it. From time to time, products and services don’t fulfill the expectations and desires of your customers. In that case, the only thing you have to do is accept it and fix it according to the requirements of your consumer. Right after that, make sure that not only your customer is going to be satisfied, but also that he is more likely to share his experience with others.

4. Stay in touch!

Collect contact information about your clients and keep it up to date. Get to them through unique-personalized offers, products and services. Try to keep your company in their heads.

5. Speak to your employees.

Discourse with them about the time they spend with the customers. Everyone takes their service experience more positively when they do not feel ignored. Don’t waste time with no particular purpose, have employees attempt to find out key customer traits.

6. Come up with in-store experience.

Online sellers offer quick service, availability and different styles, but they can’t create an unforgettable memory or immediate satisfaction. Providing entertainment, adopting new technology allow retailers to transform store experience into something easy and fun.

7. Trust is necessary.

In every company trust is essential; and creating relationships with customers, earn that trust. Set up a weekly SMS marketing campaign. You have to keep your existing customers loyal. Inform them about recent news, services or products they can benefit from, events to take part in and share any thoughts and ideas you believe they could help them.

8. Use Social Media.

With the growth of social media, customers are online most of their time, checking their screens and refreshing those pages. So start building relationships through the social by creating accounts on all famous platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Fuel conversations through their personal mobile or computer and make them want to visit your store.


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