Going from messaging to relationships

Approaching your customer is not a simple task. Or a fast procedure. It is something that takes time and effort. It is a journey that can become something meaningful for both sides.

The journey starts with the customer giving his/hers contact details. An email address or a mobile phone number is sufficient. Subscribing to a Facebook page could be useful, but usually most Facebook users do not have time to see all the pages they have subscribed to.

Having a contact number or address takes us to the next step that has to be taken from the shop/company side, with the creation of a coupon or an offer. These two have to be constructed in a way that the customer will be attracted and not frustrated. Tellody, for example, has in its platform a lot of templates helping you to create a nice looking coupon in a matter of minutes.

The time of delivery of the coupon or the offer is also quite important. It does not make any sense to send an offer for a coffee at 9 p.m. But it does if you send it at 9 a.m. It also has to be as personalized as possible. Do not send a coupon in pink to men for example. That can create the opposite to the desired result.

Also, do not send an awful lot of offers and coupons. It is much better to have the customer to ask by himself/herself about coupons or you can offer them in the best possible time. For instance, if a customer comes to dinner, you can send him/her the next day a coupon for a lunch. Not just after they finish their dinner. Timing is important.

Feedback is also of high importance. You have to understand the reactions of your customers either to the coupons offered or to the whole experience. Customers tend to give answers by either simply answering an email/SMS or by completing a small survey. It is important to understand their answers, that is why Tellody has implemented in its platform a sentimental analysis of the responses a company is getting from its customers. That feedback is highly valuable in order to make sure that a consumer’s journey from getting a message to having a client – company relationship is a success.

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