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The subscriber data your are so painfully collecting is the best tool you got for improving your marketing, managing your budget more efficiently and growing your business. For every click, conversion voucher used, survey submitted, form signed and order processed, Tellody is gathering data. From this data you can retrieve valuable information about what your audience loves or hates about you and your brand.

But as you are getting bigger the size of customer data is exploding exponentially. This huge amount of information has to be tamed in order to be used for making marketing decisions across multiple campaigns, channels, products and shops. For example, one week you might want to target people with low engagement levels on your offers and the next you want to stimulate subscribers that live in a specific area. Or to spice it up, you need to create a group of all low engagement customers in that particular area that did not submit a survey you have send.

In Tellody we do not just generate beautiful and helpful reports but we went the extra mile and implemented a variety of features that are essential in organizing and interpreting your data on a higher, human readable level. We put all the extra effort because we wanted to be easier for you to understand to whom you are communicating what. Below you will get a clear view of the benefits you gain by storing customer information in Tellody.

Tellody rolodex, a place for all your audience information

The Tellody rolodex is where all your audience information is collected.


Whether you are using opt in forms and contest to expand you audience or you are bringing in an existing list, here are some features you would like:

  • Duplicates are not allowed. Tellody will clean all duplicates and update information from all your lists. Read more.
  • Erroneous mobile numbers and email addresses will no be imported. Emails have to be in the right format with their domains real. Mobile numbers has to be real as well. Domestic lines and strange numeral inputs will be cleared off.
  • Bounced email addresses and mobile numbers are automatically quarantined. On top to that, you can see the geographical distribution of your contact's numbers
  • Static and dynamic groups are supported. You can create a group by importing a file or you can create a dynamic group by any strange query you can thing off. The truth is that we have imported a fancy query builder into the rolodex functionality and this is huge help for our customers. On top to that, Tellody is automatically grouping by satisfaction levels so you will be able to distinguish between your supporters and non supporters.
  • Map view. With Tellody you can view and target your audience on a map.
  • You can create as many custom contact fields as your heart pleases. Custom fields are useful to store extra customer information.
  • Get detailed contact views. See about anything you wish regarding a specific contact along with his/hers message history.

Extreme segmentations

Segmenting is very important. There are not so many occasions that you would like to target all of your customer base and campaigns are much more successful when you are addressing them to specific subsets of you audience. Read more about segmentations in Tellody here.

A segment (called 'group' in Tellody) is a filter on your complete list that includes only a subset of your audience. Here is what is amazing about groups in Tellody:

  • You can segment based on almost anything. Campaign statistics, survey submissions, voucher redemptions, contest winners, opt in participations, sentiment and engagement.
  • Groups can be created by very complex criteria. We have a query builder build in Tellody rolodex. You can easily mix and match demographic, geographic and behavioral criteria. For example, you can find out who lives in Arcadia, is male, under the age of 30 and used a specific voucher.
  • Groups are dynamic. Groups are updated instantly with the latest data.
  • Default dynamic groups. Some pre build groups are there to make your life easier.

We do not charge extra for our advanced segmentation tools. Everything is available to all our users, even our sweet query builder.

Segmentation based on Engagement and Sentiment

Tellody uses advanced algorithms to calculate engagement and satisfaction levels. With the output of those algorithms we are helping you identify your the most & less valuable contacts.

  • Our users are allowed to group based on their desired engagement percentages, lets say create a group with audience that has engagement between 30% and 50%. You do not have to care about single clicks and tiny conversions anymore. With engagement grouping you get to have the helicopter view onto you audience and you will be able to easily distinguish between responders and not responders, thus making you targeting more effective and precise.
  • satisfaction
  • We calculate sentiment on survey responses and we allow grouping based on those calculations. For example you can create a group with audience that has satisfaction between 0% and 30% and then target it with a specific campaign, for example send an apologizing message with a big discount voucher to all the people that are unpleased with your services or products. Tellody provides three default groups based on sentiment metrics.
  • engagement

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