Add Group Member

This request is used to add a contact member in an existing group.

HTTP Request

URLMethodDescription<groupId>/items/<subscriptionId> PUT Add Group Member

Path Variables

All calls include two path variables; one for the group id and the other for the contact id to be added as a group member.

Sample Request


#Retrieving the XSRF Token needed for Session
pingResponse = my_session.get("")

#Import the X-XSRF-Token returned from RememberMeController/ping into the request headers
xsrfToken = pingResponse.headers.get("X-XSRF-TOKEN")

#HTTP request header
header = {"Content-Type" : "application/json", "X-XSRF-TOKEN" : xsrfToken}
#add group member with subscriptionId=27 to groupId=5
url_put = base_url + groupId +"/items/"+subscriptionId
#add member
response = my_session.put(url_put,headers=header,params={}).json()

Sample Response

The key “outcome” returns the string “OK” when then the request is performed with success and the contact is added to the selected group.



In case of error, the "outcome" is either "null" or "Error" and the "id" returns a string with the error description.

For example, if the selected group does not exist, the response is the following:

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