Get Groups

This request is used to retrieve all the groups of the user and their details.

HTTP Request

URLMethodDescription<groupId>/<path_variable> GET Get groups list

Sample Request


#Retrieving the XSRF Token needed for Session
pingResponse = my_session.get("")

#Import the X-XSRF-Token returned from RememberMeController/ping into the request headers
xsrfToken = pingResponse.headers.get("X-XSRF-TOKEN")

#HTTP request header
header = {"Content-Type" : "application/json", "X-XSRF-TOKEN" : xsrfToken}
#get groups
print("\nRetrieving Contacts....")
response = my_session.get(groups_url, headers=header)
print('\groups list is : {}'.format(response))

Sample Response

The result returns a list of groups with at least one group with all of the blocked contacts which will always have the 'id' value of 1.

      "title":"BLOCKED CONTACTS",
      "description":"BLOCKED CONTACTS"


In case of an error information may be derived by the HTTP Status in the result of each request (e.g. HTTP 400 – Bad Request).

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